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The Cuba revolution happened in 1953 July 26th, to 1959 January 1st, the Cuba revolution occurred from deep unhappiness with the regime of Fulgencio Batista (Batista) elected president of Cuba in 1940 to 1944 then turned dictator from 1952 to 1959.

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This was due to the untied states of America roots in the mid 19th century The United States of America helped to put down a revolt in Cuba. Hence, by the time that Fidel Castro overthrew Batista through what would become the last coup in the country the masses would have almost worshiped him for delivering them from the dictatorial regime of Batista.Many Cubans who lived at the time supported the Fidel Castro revolution since it gave them hope for a better tomorrow and gave them an opportunity to liberate themselves from the dictatorship of Batista.Most of the supporters were therefore businessmen who provided financial support, young men who joined the revolution as fighters and even peasants who provided shelter and food to the combatants once in a while.In 1958, as luck would have it again the US government enforced an arms embargo on the administration of Batista government thereby weakening its ability to respond to Castro’s armed onslaught that was rapidly gaining momentum (Mayerhofer).Cuban Republic is one of the most populated countries in Caribbean island with a population of 11 million peoples (Politt).In 1902, Cuba officially became an independent republic after they were given independence by United States which had colonized the country after defeating Spain during the Spanish-American War of 1897 (Politt).It was the culmination of these events that laid the perfect ground for the famous Cuban Revolution that was led by Fidel Castro almost 20 years later (Mayerhofer).In 1952, Batista seized power through yet another coup in what had now become the routine for becoming the president in Cuba, but this time his administration was less popular.Nevertheless, as luck would have it he was pardoned after only two years and fled to exile in Mexico; this was the point at which he started plotting his next comeback over the next three years.In 1956 Castro returned with a well organized army of likeminded dissidents who were also forced into exile by the Batista regime and started guerilla warfare from the mountains of Sierra Maestra (Mayerhofer).

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