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In the following essay I will explain if the idea of national cinema can be maintained in an era of global cultural production.

To explore this theory I will focus on the power of Hollywood and the pressures of global film industry versus the difficulties of national and art cinema of getting a niche in the film market.

Now there is a trend to corporatize film production with big business houses entering the fray.

Six years later, Satyajit Ray’s ‘Pather Panchali’ made history by winning the prestigious Cannes award.The selection of films and video-essayists was inspired by the question ‘Whose Cinema’ and gave way for discussions about intellectual property rights, image appropriation, and how these matters influence and determine the professional practice of the critic.In 2015 the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) saw the reappearance of a programme section that had existed from 1991 until 2003.The first film with sound or ‘talkie’ was Ardeshir Irani’s ‘Alam Ara’. The forties was a golden era with many good films like Mehboob’s ‘Roti’, Shanthram’s ‘Dr.Kotnis ki Amar Kahani’, Chetan Anand’s ‘Neecha Nagar’ and Raj Kapoor’s ‘Barsaat’ and ‘Aag’ finding their way to theatres.Introduction Globalisation has significantly changed trends and patterns in the global film industry, at an estimated worth of million annually film industry has become one of the most important in the creative businesses (Rosnan, H, Ismail, N. American Film Industry America has the oldest film industry, and also the largest in revenue. I will also continue on to how the American film industry and its producers can integrate successfully internationally.have a pan Indian appeal and their films do well in almost all regions.In 1896, the Lumiere brothers’ Cinematographer displayed six silent short films in Bombay. Three years later, Harischandra Sakharam Bhatvadekar became the first Indian to exhibit a short film on a wrestling match at Hanging Gardens, Bombay. In 1913, ‘King Harischandra’, a silent movie by Dadasaheb Phalke, was released.The country produces more than 1000 films every year in over 20 languages. The major film studios are found in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.Other cities too produce many films in regional languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri, etc.

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