Essays On Friendship Microfluidics Thesis

“Friendship is a special sort of relationship between folks that is voluntary, informal, dynamic, and satisfying, one in which clear communication exists side by side with mutual acceptance and where the people actually like each other, and value one another’s company” (Dawley, Dawley, & Frazier, 2000, p. Friends are there for a reason and the number one would be to have people that can serve as companions.

The comfort that friends can give to each other is entirely different from that given by family members.Friends tend to understand better the situations, which involve experiences outside the home.Therefore, they are able to offer advice and share experiences better than family concerning these things.Having different people around you with different perspectives and opinions can broaden your mind and help you learn new things.They can offer a new way of looking at things or maybe teach certain skills and make the person a better person.Here, friends are better to talk to than their children.Likewise, children and adolescents going through the rigors of puberty are expected to withhold certain information they do not want their parents to find out for various reasons.At a very young age, people are encouraged to meet other people and interact with them. It has to have a strong foundation to last forever.In addition, a friendship also has to have loyalty, acceptance, understanding, and love.There are so many activities that people can do as friends.However, this is not to say that friends always need to do something to have fun nor do they have to be in large groups to feel happy.

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