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Several years ago Charlie and I visited an indigenous community along the Rio Negro in the Brazilian rainforest.Some of the leaders expressed concern that some environmentalists, who should be natural allies, focus almost exclusively on the land and appear not to see or hear the people at all.

And these policies continue today across the globe.They are talking about future generations of plants, animals, water, and all living things.Pauline and Carrie understand the relative insignificance of human beings in the totality of the planet.The greatest respect is reserved for those who help other people, those who understand that their lives play themselves out within a set of reciprocal relationships.There is evidence of this sense of reciprocity in Cherokee communities.The most basic rights of Indigenous Peoples were disregarded, and they were subjected to a series of policies that were designed to dispossess them of their land and resources and assimilate them into colonial society and culture.Too often the policies resulted in poverty, high infant mortality, rampant unemployment, and substance abuse, with all its attendant problems.Protecting the environment is not an intellectual exercise; it is a sacred duty.When women like Pauline Whitesinger, an elder at Big Mountain, and Carrie Dann, a Western Shoshone land rights activist, speak of preserving the land for future generations, they are not just talking about future generations of humans.It comes from watching the sun rise in the east and set in the west from the same place over great sections of time.We are as familiar with the lands, rivers, and great seas that surround us as we are with the faces of our mothers.

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