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She’s taught me how to hunt for fossils in the desert and find shells on the beach.Although my grandma grew up with no access to the wilderness, she admired the green open areas of urban cemeteries.They bought two acres of land on the edge of a redwood forest and had a son and a daughter.My grandma created a stable family that was missing throughout her early life.We were all born to exist and eventually die, so we have evolved to value things in the context of mortality.One of the ways I feel most alive is when I play roller derby.Once my grandma went to college, she made lots of friends.She met my grandfather, Joaquin Leyva when she was working as a park ranger and he was a surfer.

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Students then wrote about what they learned, and about how their interviewees’ answers compare to their own top priorities.

Over time, she has learned that reaching out to others is essential to her emotional wellbeing.

Caring for the earth is also a priority for my grandma I’ve been lucky to learn from my grandma.

Plus, we share an essay from teacher Charles Sanderson, who also responded to the writing prompt.

Middle School Winner: Rory Leyva High School Winner: “As I’ve aged, things that are more personal to me have become somewhat less important.

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