Essays On Modernity

Gandhiji’s idea of moral force may be suitable for the future generations that is when people become civilised.

So he was in line with the course of progress and that is what we mean by modernity.

Time carries, not much weight in determining the importance of an idea.

With the advancement of science, the outlook of man has undergone a drastic change.

The word `modern’ has two different meanings; it may mean contemporary in time; it may mean contemporary in spirit.

We generally call a thing, an idea, a fashion modern in relation to its old version.

This means as far as time is concerned modernity is somewhat short-lived but the spirit of it prevails for a longer period and so it persists till the people are able to achieve the zenith of modernity.

No doubt with the advancement we have applied science, technology, new techniques in politics and economics, human nature changes all too little.

With the passage of time these ideals do not change, what changes, is our understanding, our conception and our outlook.

The outlook of people must conform to those ideals otherwise there will be no progress in the society.

If the human beings just conform to the old customs and traditions they will never be able to bring about changes, which determine the growth of a nation.

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