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If y"all would leave me alone this wouldn't be my M. In the movie Stand and Deliver, the senior students at Garfield High School aren't very motivated; they don't care much about school. I remember in grades seven through nine I had a teacher that helped and motivated me tremendously. She would sometimes call me at home just to see how I"m doing and just to ask if I needed any help with anything, and that motivated me a lot, because I didn't want to let her down. She always made room for me so she could help me and that was just incredible. Escalante had as well as me would of just given up on school. Every once in awhile, there is that one person who stands up and fights for what they believe in.

There were moments in “Stand and Deliver” that moved me very deeply and other moments so artificial and contrived that I wanted to edit them out, right then and there.

The use of slang language the boys and everyone else in the movie us... A couple of them told me that they already thought they knew, but they were not sure how to go about confirming it. I thought to my self; how could they not know, and would they still keep me as their son? And that's what makes them similar, that's what makes them stand out and be taken seriously.

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Because we have been through the movie and the experience with the kids, we know they were not cheating.A story of friends who are on their way into adolescence, the movie and the novel shows the friends growing up to become adults.Maturity is a part of life and sometimes kids need to mature before their time.The kids in his class, on the other hand, do a good job of avoiding the usual high school cliches, especially Lou Diamond Phillips, who in a wonderful scene explains why he needs two sets of textbooks - one to keep at school and the other to keep at home, since it would never do for his street friends to see him carrying books. That is a dramatic story, and this is a worthy movie for telling it.The last shot of “Stand and Deliver” puts some astonishing statistics on the screen, indicating that in every year since 1982 (the year of the story), even more students from this East L. I only wish I hadn't been reminded, so often, that the movie was making it feel just a little better than life.The movie Stand by Me was based on the novel "The Body" written by Stephen King.The movie and novel was about four young boys who go on a two-day search for the dead body of a boy their age who was hit by a train outside Castle Rock in 1960.They shared a tree house together with a secret knock. When they find out about the dead body of Ray Brower, the boys take a step closer to adolescence.Throughout the movie and novel, I can see the boys becoming mature.There is a scene in the movie that seems to suggest this possibility; the teacher comes up with an assertion that everyone in the classroom tells him is wrong, but he won't back down.However, that scene ends without making it clear whether the teacher was wrong, and the later scene never explains the similar wrong answers. Other things in the movie may bother some viewers more than they did me. He is so mannered, in his stooped shuffle and his sideways manner of expressing himself, that perhaps he should have toned it down once he'd made his point.

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