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His speech is halting and jumbled and his appearance is disheveled.She, on the other hand, is dressed nicely and her command of the language has improved.One of the few major American playwrights to also find success as a screenwriter, Mamet was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1994.Plot and Major Characters There are only two characters that appear onstage in Oleanna: John, a university professor, and Carol, his student.Oleanna David Mamet The following entry presents criticism of Mamet's play Oleanna (1992).One of the most controversial plays of the 1990s, Oleanna provoked fierce debates about sexual harassment and gender politics.She pleads for him to help her understand his class.

[In the following excerpt, Mc Donough contends that Mamet's one-dimensional rendering of Carol in Oleanna reinforces male distrust and resentment of women in the workplace and academia.] The hysterical fear of women and the feminine that pervades the world of Mamet's plays makes hardly surprising his portrait of Carol in Oleanna. “The Playwright as Director: Pinter's Oleanna.” The Pinter Review: Annual Essays (2002): 121-28.After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother in Olympia Fields, a Chicago suburb.As a young man he was a busboy at Second City comedy club and worked at the Hull House Theatre.Mamet has lectured and taught at several universities and colleges, including the University of Chicago, Yale University, New York University, and Columbia University.Mamet's work is often compared to that of English playwright Harold Pinter and Irish playwright Samuel Beckett.Carol has accused John of sexual harassment, jeopardizing the granting of tenure to him.John again begins in a condescending tone and tries to placate Carol by describing her misinterpretation of the events that transpired in their previous meeting. Second, it has raked in profits from commercial productions in New York, on tour, and in London. [In the following essay, Katz claims that Mamet's depiction of sexual harassment, the search for truth, and gender relations in Oleanna does not effectively translate into real-life situations and actually reinforces stereotypes of female aggression.] David Mamet's play Oleanna hit the stage in the aftermath of the confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas in 1992-93. John is about to be granted tenure and, on the strength of... “Postmodernism and Violence in Mamet's Oleanna.” Modern Drama 43, no. [In the following essay, Porter examines how the gender, education, class, and viewpoint differences between John and Carol inexorably lead to their failure to reach true communication and eventually result in violence.] SOURCE: Skloot, Robert. “A Few Good Men: Collusion and Violence in Oleanna.” In Gender and Genre: Essays on David Mamet, edited by Christopher C. [In the following review, Solomon questions the moral perspective of Oleanna and the negative view it takes regarding women and sexual abuse.] First of all, it's cheap: two actors, one simple set, no technical effects. “David Mamet: The Search for Masculine Space.” In Staging Masculinity: Male Identity in Contemporary American Drama, pp. Badenhausen appraises John's inability and unwillingness to effectively educate and listen to Carol, and draws parallels between this situation and real events that happen in academic circles.] In discussing the 1992 debut of David Mamet's Oleanna, audiences and critics tended to highlight two features of the play: its indictment of political... “Three Models of Power in David Mamet's Oleanna.” In Exploring the Language of Drama: From Text to Context, Edited by Jonathan Culpepper, Mick Short, and Peter Verdonk, pp. It stages a confrontation between a male professor, John, and his female student, Carol. [In the following essay, Skloot assesses Oleanna as a play about the educational system's custom of pitting the power and inflexibility of the teacher against the insecurity and marginalization of the student and one possible outcome if these roles are reversed.] SOURCE: Bean, Kellie. in May 1992 and in New York where it opened the following October. Written during the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas sexual harassment scandal, this play about a female student accusing her male professor of sexual impropriety divided audiences between those who were angered by what they perceived as fabricated sexual harassment charges used as a tool to gain power and those who viewed the image of a scheming, manipulative woman as an attack on the right of women to defend themselves from improper sexual advances.Biographical Information Mamet was born in Chicago and raised in a Jewish community on the city's south side.

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