Essays On Power Of Youth How To Write A Proper Research Paper

During 82-83 about 5.5 lacs students participated in various commendable programmes.Parallel to the NSS are the Nehru Yuvak Kendras which are innovative multi purpose institutions.The task of economic reconstruction of the country is admit­tedly complex and the enlightened youth can make a significant contribution in it.It includes expediting development by facilitating implementation of the various programmes drawn by the Central and the State Governments.This means that nearly 40 crore young men and women—a stupendous man power by all counts indeed, are available for handling various tasks of national reconstruction.History bears out the undesirable fact that all great movements of nation-wide importance have succeeded on the strength of massive youth power.

In addition to this they can lay the basis for reconstruction in all spheres-social, economic and political.In India, the epoch-making Indian National Movement could gain momentum and shake the very roots of the British Raj only when the youth were harnessed in it.Over a decade ago, Mao Tse Tung, the famous Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, relied upon youth power to usher in a great Cultural. The Chinese youth enacted a memorable drama of national reconstruction. Large parts of West Europe and North America were swept across by massive waves of youth and student power. claiming to be the fathers of tomorrow, should be the salt of the nation.With this view special camps were organized; ‘Youth against Famine’, “Youth against Dirt and Disease’, ‘Youth for Afforestation and Tree Plantation’ and ‘Youth for Rural Reconstruc­tion’ etc.Since 1981-82 economic -development programmes have been taken by NSS volunteers.The entire political system is infested with oppor­tunism, nepotism, corruption, deception, fraud, intrigues and shrewd tactics.Most of the political parties have no clear far-sighted goal and no well-thought-out programmes of national reconstruction.The leadership is in the hands of senile octogenarians, power-hungry and unwilling to make way for the younger generation.Fortunately, India now has a young Prime Minister in Shri Rajiv Gandhi.They can do something to broaden the ‘horizon’, of the village-folk.Social emancipation and reconstruction involves tackling the dowry menace, illiteracy rumoring of caste and clan prejudices, checking corruption, elimination of untouchability and other discriminatory practices, besides child marriage and ill-treatment of widows.

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