Essays On Russian Intellectual History

We welcome suggestions for corrections to any of our posts.As the official blog of the Society of US Intellectual History, we hope to foster a diverse community of scholars and readers who engage with one another in discussions of US intellectual history, broadly understood.Art history absorbed theories and methods from other disciplines such as philosophy, film and gender studies, and, of course, history; and in turn it influenced these disciplines. The history of art history itself reflects the intellectual history of the last two centuries. Intellectual history is a genre of inquiry that focuses on the role that explicitly-articulated concepts and theories, whether legal, political, religious, artistic, philosophical, or scientific, play in the thinking and action of human beings.Inside the discipline of history, the focus of attention is most often on how these concepts and theories interacted with and influenced economic, social, cultural, and political developments.Special attention is given to the use of interdisciplinary methods and insights, such as those of cultural anthropology, semiotics and linguistic analysis.Occasionally volumes will contain papers of eminent scholars and proceedings of conferences, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

I know the lines are blurry here: historiography is intellectual history. The opinions expressed on the blog are strictly those of the individual writers and do not represent those of the Society or of the writers’ employers. Since the USIH bloggers write under our real names, we would prefer that our commenters also identify themselves by their real name.

All volumes will have scholarly introductions and notes.

BSAI Since its origin in the nineteenth century, the borders of the discipline of art history have been fluid.

Closely related to intellectual history is the interdisciplinary subgenre of the history of ideas.

The focus of attention there is most often on investigating the formation and structure of past concepts and theories with an eye both to understanding better the ideas themselves and to illuminating unresolved issues in the present connected with those ideas.

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