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The best policy for the improvement of public schools would be to invest directly in proven reforms that focus on the implementation of practices that can improve the school’s curriculum, rather than focusing on the business side of schools (Wraga, 2010). Recent education reform in Idaho, known as Students Come First, adopted advanced academic standards for its students.

High School Reform Another education trend that aims at effecting change in the U. This project involves giving the teachers tools that they require to engage today’s learners and individualize teaching.

Did you ever felt how your stomach flutter, how you can't see and hear anything? Why you need to live all the moments always, because it never comes back. That's why I tell you " Never is late to start to figth, to enjoy your life." I will not tell you that is going to be easy but that's why I told you never give up.

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The way The United States deals with these changes and adapts to them will have a great impact on future academic success, as well as America’s place on the global scene.

The education system is not immune from these changes with trends like increased choice and privatization of schools, high school reform, increased reliance of technology in the classroom, and increased globalization affecting its future.

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