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The Jacobean audiences were familiar with its setting in Venice and they thought Italy 'was the land of sensational evil-doing. stood in the front rank for this sinister repute.' (Barish, 1972: 65) They could recognise what they saw and where it was happening which enhanced the plays understanding to its audience.The play's theme of avarice, greed not just for wealth but any object of human desire.

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Volpone was written at a time when Jacobean London was infected with greed, cunning and credulity.” Mosca it appears is revealed to be more scheming in a darker way than Volpone.He says earlier in the play “I fear I shall begin to grow in love with myself, and my prosperous parts. ” Indicating to the audience that Mosca knows that even though to the world he is seen as merely a servant of Volpone, it is him binding everything in the scheme together, so he is deserving of his more harsh punishment.Corvino is sentenced to wear “a cap, with fair, long ass`s ears” round Venice through the Grand Canal as a cuckold.It seems a fitting punishment considering he did attempt to force Celia to sleep with a “dying” Volpone earlier in the play, not caring his wife was cheating because he knew it could advance his chances of inheritance.We see the results of this obsession unfolding throughout the play.From the beginning we see where Volpone's heart lies. His gold has become his god and consuming obsession.But then it is important to bear in mind that as these two characters were so inherently good-natured that the reputation of them and lack of resolution can be regarded as disturbing. ” Is sentenced to ” first thou be whipped; Then live perpetual prisoner in our gallies. ” This shows how differences in class make a difference for how the characters are treated in punishment.Another disturbing injustice can be viewed as the class based difference Mosca and Volpone`s punishments. ” This inequity can be seen as being based on the fact that Mosca is a parasite, in metaphorical terms a flesh fly who feeds of others: the lowest of the low. Mosca is told that he is the “chiefest minister, if not plotter, in all these lewd impostures.Do you find the ending just and in structure or are the unresolved situations disturbing?In the epistle of the play Ben Jonson states “it being the office of a comic poet to imitate justice.

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