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The paper discusses the affects of his decision in relationship to both the public and private sector, and how it may have resulted in the quiet revolution affecting the private sector.

Although Kant specifies that altruistic citizens subject themselves to their sovereign, they must also police their sovereign, and therefore, the long-term results of Reagan's decision are in the hands of the people. : A 5 page paper that seeks to prove that Immanuel Kant would support both Stella Liebeck's case and Congress' subsequent tort reform laws, simply because they meet his altruism ideals for citizens and government under his laws of citizen duty to act under the laws and slow government reform.

Are there some things that simply should not be bought or sold? (See, for example: Nestlé Sued Over Child Labour and child labour in Bolivia) 10. (See, for example: Whistleblowers: Alone vs the System) 11. (See, for example: stories about Uber and ethics.) 12. (See, for example: Misleading Headlines About Misleading Advertising: “Dog” Fur Pom Poms on Hats) 13. (See, for example: Does Teaching Ethics Improve Ethics? When the focus is narrowed, however, it seems that the concept of morality grays in its boundaries.Morality is not only the black and white that the "simple" so seemingly effortlessly can see, with that clear line of demarcation between it and immorality.The paper posits the requirements for the younger generations today and in the future, discusses the utilitarian ideal, and then argues against the application of the ideal to the instant case. At the same time, however, there can certainly be regard for a larger purpose.For some businesses, commitment to a larger purpose would be simply learning the difference between right and wrong, while others take a more responsible view of the role they play in the lives of their employees, their customers, and ultimately how they affect the world.Is equal pay for equal work always necessary, ethically?(See, for example: stories about equal pay and ethics) 6.Are companies ethically to blame when customers misuse their products? (See, for example: the Value of Trust.) Need more ideas?(See, for example: Are Companies Responsible for Misuse of Products? Is it OK to sell a product when you can’t prove that it works? This paper demonstrates that the current welfare system is based on the moral and ethical choices of society and of the individual, and considers Kant's perspectives on moral obligations in its development. According to Kant and consumer protection groups, there is an inherent danger in this, as despotism is alive at the state level, and that many states are governed arbitrarily by people with special interests.Given this situation, via Kant's advice, it behooves consumers to continue policing all levels of government in order to find the protection from harm to which they are entitled. : A 6 page philosophy paper that argues in support of virtues over utilitarian treatment of relatives with a disabling disease such as Alzheimer’s. Few could argue with Adam Smith’s statement that "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Those businesses that refuse to look after their own self interests will not be businesses long enough to have any impact.

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