Example Marketing Research Proposal

Will you be given the opportunity to monitor these interviews personally?

Coding is the process of reviewing open-ended responses to questions, categorizing them, and assigning them code numbers for computerization.

Specify in the RFP what you already have available; if you do have lists, how many people or organizations are on the list, and do they have working phone numbers and current addresses?

Proposals you receive should detail what lists will be used and any associated costs.

The following items are especially relevant to telephone surveys: Will the telephone interviews be conducted from an in-house facility, or subcontracted?

This has implications for quality control measures and scheduling. The data collection arm of a research firm, in simple terms, is an information factory.

Quotas might be established by region, household size, purchasing patterns, customer status (such as past, present, prospective), public vs. Invariably, when surveying customers and prospective customers, you must obtain a list of relevant firms or people from which to sample.

By what date will you require the findings of the research?

Relevant references provide the most valuable input in evaluating any professional service, including market research firms.

Request references not only for the firm, but for the individuals to be working on your project.

Ask the references about their satisfaction with both the working relationship, and with the final product.

* * * If a research study under consideration is quantitative, you may want proposals to detail specific assumptions made that lead to the time frame and budget estimates (time implications are as important for you as money to a client! Again, this will simplify your comparison of proposals.

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