Example Of Restaurant Business Plan

The goal of an executive summary is to get your foot in the door with investors and banks to procure startup capital.Here is some of the information that should be included in the executive summary: Think of your executive summary as an elevator pitch to potential investors and banks.For instance, if you are the Head Chef, President, CEO, and entire Board of Directors for your company, you can include that information in your Head Chef profile. It’s entirely up to you how you want to paint the picture of your organization.

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Your marketing plan has to make sense given the demographic you are targeting and the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

OPERATIONS PLAN Panda Tip: Really paint the picture of your restaurant here (and include pictures or mockups of the setting). You can also go in depth with regard to agreements you have with suppliers or arrangements with suppliers that you will be seeking out.

Don’t just make it a mechanical description of the people being put into rooms. This goes to the heart of your restaurant – its food – so it is important to at least touch upon the sources from where you are purchasing your ingredients.

In order to fulfill our vision for [RESTAURANT NAME] we will require [AMOUNT] in capital, which will be allocated roughly according to the following table: If we are fully capitalized, we hope to be profitable by [TIME].

Also, you may want to highlight obvious weaknesses and state how you are prepared to address them.

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