Exceeding Word Limit Mba Essay

Every year we see lots of successes from the BSers we work with on Wharton! Well, we have the Accomplishments & Achievements App Accelerator which is excellent in helping you to sort through your past experiences and coming up with the best ones that an adcom may respond to, with personalized feedback from Essay Snark on how you’ve focused in on the core statement.

And we have the Essay Ideas App Accelerator which includes lots of instructions on how to structure your stories and the way to focus the essay framework to make sure you’re hitting on the right points in the right way.

The Optional Essay is required for reapplicants to use, to explain how they’ve improved since their original application, and it’s also for new applicants if there’s other critical details that are important for the adcom to know, which you can’t fit into the main essays.Wharton launched a whole-new way of asking for insights about you as a candidate from your recommenders.They have bucked the trend that other schools started with the attempt to “standardize” (which were never actually standardized) and embraced the fact that recommenders have to do some work.They also have a 250-word Optional Essay which reapplicants will use for an explanation of how they’ve improved since their original app; that optional essay is also available for new applicants to cover critical explanations that you feel the adcom needs to know. If there’s something important, then you’ll need to be brief. Unfortunately on Wharton Essay 2, they have reversed the most recent trend of loosening up word limits, and taken it from 500 words down to 400.They also tweaked the language for Essay 2 (which, #humblebrag, puts it squarely in line with how we’ve been advising BSers to write their Wharton Essay 2s for years! Both of these essays are challenging but they’re not gawdawful horrible in terms of what types of anguish you’ll go through in getting a good answer on the page.We had hoped (especially now that we’re further into the new dean’s tenure) that Wharton admissions would make changes to their not-totally-amazing essay questions. Same single-essay app, with an optional opportunity to submit other stuff.They actually made more changes to the recommender’s questions (see below and our blahg rant on the topic). Wharton isn’t doing you any favors with what they’re asking here.offers a discussion of the focus and emphasis in the admissions process at this school and how that might affect you as an applicant, with almost ten pages devoted to Wharton essay 2 that asks for “impactful experience or accomplishment.” It also discusses the Lauder MBA/MA program, and as always, we go into great detail on the Team-Based Interview experience — and everything else you need to know to construct the strongest set of essays possible. Our Wharton guide has even more content and strategic advice for crafting great essays, based on the direct experience we had in working with lots of BSers who made it in last year!!The Wharton Class Profile show the Class of 2018 stats which are largely the same as previously: Average GMAT is 730, 80% range is (gulp) 700 to 770.(Word count: 300) Question 2: Please provide example(s) that illustrate why you believe this candidate will find success throughout their career.(Word count: 300) Wharton’s interview process is quite unique compared to most other American bschools (though Michigan Ross also does things in a similar way).

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  1. Throughout my time at Stanford, up until my senior year, I did not have a creative outlet besides creative writing. Read more My senior reflection project was something that is near and dear to my heart.