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Mental health, such as anxiety, is a serious issue that seems to be living in the shadows of more physical health problems.Mental illness in youth has become more common since the growth and popularity of social media networks.The cyberbullying present online has hurt the lives of numerous teens in more ways than imagined.Social media has caused the mental health of young people to deteriorate.YOU ARE READING Non-Fiction In school, my class was assigned to write a powerful persuasive essay on a topic we, personally, feel very strongly about and have had some personal experience with.

Children are not focusing on what is important anymore; they are focusing on the media.

"For many people, social media networking has become as much of a daily routine as brewing coffee and brushing teeth" says Bill Brenner, senior editor of CSO Magazine.

It is damaging that social media has become so conventional, because it causes people to miss out on reality because they are so hooked on their smart phones.

All society has taught children thus far is to "just deal with it," and that is wrong.

It can also become very stressful to feel as though we constantly need to be aware of what is going on and what everyone is doing.

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