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Continuity phrases and sentences should be very helpful in this matter.

The conclusion is the final part of an essay that is used to further expound the ideas you presented earlier and convince the reader that your expository essay is success.

Obviously, the paragraphs and statements written in the body of your essay need to revolve around the main topic and the thesis of your work.

That is why it’s a good idea to keep the thesis and topic of the essay in front of your eyes, so that you could always refer to it when you’re in doubt over what to write next.

If you already know how to write a narrative essay, you also know that the introduction is the first and most crucial part of any written assignment. In your introduction you not only need to introduce your topic and present your opinion, but also explain why the topic and the issue are relevant to the reader – otherwise they won’t feel very inclined to read the rest of your essay.

Use the essay conclusion to give the readers some food for thought: even if they won’t be fully convinced by your arguments, they will continue thinking about the matter.By the definition of an expository essay, you are expected to provide sufficient evidence to support your position on the issue.In many cases it’s not enough to include the evidence into the text – you also need to analyze it and convince the reader that the evidence is efficiently supporting your thesis.First, keep in mind that this is a piece of writing that explains something based on evidence.Second, you should avoid personal opinions unless they are backed by fact.You can list your main points without any additional explanation, or explain why you’ve decided to cover this specific question.Again, this part is dedicated to convincing the reader to stay with you to the end of the text, so introduction matters a lot. A thesis is usually only one sentence long, but it contains all vital information concerning your essay.There is a chance that your topic will be assigned to you by the professor, but if you have any say in this matter, it’s best to pick a topic you’re truly passionate about.You can start the process of topic selection by choosing a broad topic you’re interested in.If you’ve been a student for quite some time, you are likely familiar with the EDNA classification of essays – Expository, Descriptive, Narrative, and Argumentative essay.If you’ve come here to ask: “do my essay for me”, we will gladly help you with academic assignments at any levels!

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