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Homework has always been one of the biggest challenges to school and home life, causing family tension, stress and time pressures.Research from Stanford Graduate School of Education conducted amongst 4,300 students highlighted that over 56 per cent considered homework to be a primary source of stress, whilst others reported increased levels of anxiety, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and weight loss.We strongly believe that setting homework for the sake of it doesn’t benefit children or prepare them in a robust way for their next steps.It can also be a cause of family stress and tension, and potentially even hinder the wellbeing of the student.After considerable review and debate, ACS Egham has decided to drop ‘traditional’ homework for students aged four to eleven.

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We prepare our nine to eleven year olds for secondary education through ‘I-Inquiry’ projects.According to a BBC article, a key concept in the Finnish school system is trust, where there’s little homework and no culture of extra private tuition.This trust is built from parents’ trusting schools to deliver a good education within the school day, and schools putting trust in the quality of their teachers.This kind of homework assumes that every student is the same, that each has the same maturity, concentration and ability level. Children are already at school for some seven hours a day and ‘busy work’ simply eats up their free time, which they could be better spending with their families, or taking part in extra-curricular activities to refresh their minds and bodies.Younger students especially should be encouraged to use time after school for unstructured play and developing their own creativity.Using their i Pads, students researched the characteristics of different planets before creating and naming their own.The final projects were then presented back to the class using i Pads, artistic drawings and in some cases, hand built models.Through the I-Inquiry project, students developed a whole range of essential life skills.These included time management and organisational skills, as students were required to work on the project both at home and at school; independent inquiry, exploring different sources to create their planet; as well as helping develop a creative mindset.If students have struggled with a specific task, parents can notify the teachers, enabling teachers to give more targeted support in these areas.In Finland, students are generally assigned virtually no homework; they don’t start school until age seven, and the school day is short.

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