Fairy Tale Essay

The 12 fairies would represent the twelve months in a year.

The thirteenth fairy gave her a curse that she would fall into a deep sleep at 15 years of age.

After sleeping beauty pricks her finger she falls into this deep sleep because she is not ready for this next step in her life so she is sent to sleep for a hundred years until she can mature and become ready.

Along with her deep sleep there is a hedge of thorns which are surrounding the whole castle.

The curse that the thirteenth fairy gave her could represent menstruation when turning 15 years of age.

The dark room on top of the tower could represent the curiosity of women hood and sexuality.

Children’s Fairy tales are not only enjoyable but they are filled with many different symbols of sexuality and gender for both males and females.

The Fairy Tale: The symbolism of the apple In the story The Fairy Tale a prostitute named Miss Noi lives in Saigon, Vietnam.

It is very clear that only the right guy can come and save sleeping beauty because many guys would come and try to get past the hedge of thorns but all were unsuccessful because they were not the right guy for her.

All of these are sexual references or symbols made in the fairy tale the Sleeping Beauty.

At the beginning of the fairy tale the king and queen wanted a child and once they finally had a little girl they had a huge party where they invited 12 fairies to give her gives of beauty, wealth, happiness, etc.

She begins by asking the difference between up on and upon and is told that they have the same meaning.

She beginnings telling the her story which she refers to as her fairy tale with the words once upon a time.

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  1. The essays "Dream Children", "New Year's Eve", and several others, speak of the many years that Lamb spent pursuing his love that ultimately failed.