Fast Food Business Plans

During this period, a new restaurant concept grew up from the corner hamburger stand.The fast food restaurant was started from such humble beginnings and quickly multiplied.Additionally, the Millers have ,000 of equity in their residence. of Las Vegas will have the right to sell stores throughout Nevada. of Las Vegas has the exclusive right to operate and sell franchises in Nevada. chain was established in 1987 with the opening of the original Pasta Now! Recent growth has been in the Cleveland metro area, where there are currently eight stores in operation. has recently signed a master franchise agreement to open ten additional stores in the state of Michigan in the next five years. is structured to operate in strip mall-type locations.As these additional franchises are sold, Pasta Now! Monthly royalties from each of these Nevada stores will be 3% of gross. of Las Vegas is being structured to operate franchises of the national chain Pasta Now! Ownership of the business is in the form of a Nevada corporation with 51% of the stock owned by Roland Miller and the remaining 49% owned by Sheila Miller. Miller have been educated in the Total Quality Management concept used by many of today's successful major corporations. is a fast food pasta chain that focuses on the drawing power of an Italian restaurant that meets the needs of people on the go who still want a healthy product at reasonable prices. also offers individual pizzas, a line of Italian sandwiches and a selection of salads. The corporate headquarters provides detailed site selection assistance, including lease negotiations. is designed to function in a 1500 to 2000 square-foot store.This is the first time that consumers spent as much for "eat out" food as they did for "at home" food.According to American Demographics magazine, by the year 1996, spending on restaurants and take-out food will overtake the nation's grocery bill.The recent health-oriented menu options added to national chains like Taco Hut and even Smith's, point to the nation's desire for healthy food.In an analysis of casual dining, Restaurant Business Magazine noted that baby boomers, and others, are coming face-to-face with the realization that youth is ephemeral.

will be purchased from any of the several restaurant supply companies located in the area.

Pasta Now's staff will be divided into two functional areas, Operations and Administration.

Each division will he headed by one of the principals.

Additionally, we will sell a limited number of franchises of the national chain. This Nevada corporation will in turn own Pasta Now! Sheila Miller has prior business experience in the ownership of a mobile Ice Cream/Catering business. Miller has also acquired human resource experience while employed as a Human Resources Assistant for St. Roland Miller has gained management and budget experience through his work as a Captain with the Las Vegas Fire Department. For many years, the only place you could get a variety of quality pasta was at sit-down Italian restaurants that were expensive and did not meet the needs of the customer in a hurry. menu is centered around a variety of pasta dishes with a variety of sauces. A drive-up window can be utilized if a suitable site for such is located.

Prospective sites which have been preliminarily identified include; the Bryson's shopping center in south Las Vegas, the Forest center in Northern Las Vegas or the Daly shopping center on Highway 12.

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