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Hypertension has been another fatal illness that has been associated with the excessive consumption of junk food.

The dietary of the arteries increases the pressure used to supply blood to the heart.

This is because the accumulation of fats in the arteries leads to the blockage of the arteries that supply vital oxygenated blood to the heart required for its functioning.

The accumulations of these fatty acids in the liver cause it to fail in its functioning of filtering out waste from the body.

This leads to deficiency of insulin known as diabetes.

Lack of enough insulin to control the blood sugar level can lead to increased levels of the sugar in the blood which is fatal.

This affects the blood supplied in the body and leaves one feeling tired.

The high accumulation of fats from the junk food causes obesity.

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Heart attacks have been rated as the highest cause of death in obese people.

The high production of the insulin leaves one craving for more sugar, thus a forced consumption of the junk food.

This continues to a state when the body is unable to produce extra insulin to control the sugar level in blood.

A study by Paul Johnson and Paul Kenny in the institute of Scripps Research suggested that the effect that the consumption of junk has is addictive like the consumption of cocaine and heroin.

This is because it stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain thus causing the body to demand more and more consumption that becomes dangerous.

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