Film Studies Coursework

The key moments are the ones that make him convincing such as; when he is terrified of the ‘hooded figure’, when we see him awake at around midnight (this part takes place at the start to bring people into the genre).

Film Studies Coursework-83Film Studies Coursework-47

In addition, the opening shares a lot of evidence about the protagonist through the variation of shot types with long durations, these capture his ensemble of wears as we purposely wanted the opening to provide meanings for connecting the audience to the character.

The main task is among lots of low budget productions made by ambitious directors, This may be the case that our film has reasonable chance with these big studios want to acquire original ideas and they take on board many independent films that have a huge potential for a much wider audience.

Paranormal Activity is an example of an Independent film acquired by Paramount Pictures, which eventually got a worldwide response.

Today we handed in our film after completion to show both our media teachers so they could evaluate what we have done well, and what we needed to improve on.

From what we gathered our best part in this film is our use of lighting along with some exposure effects, which makes our film appear gritty.

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