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These expenses may include: Once again, this is just a partial list.Once you have listed all of your operating expenses, the total will reflect the monthly cost of operating your business.Think of your business expenses as two cost categories; your start-up expenses and your operating expenses.All the costs of getting your business up and running should be considered start-up expenses.The current month's revenues are added to this balance; the current month's disbursements are subtracted, and the adjusted cash flow balance is carried over to the next month.When building your cash flow projection, a common pitfall is being over-optimistic about your projected sales.Multiply this number by 6, and you have a six-month estimate of your operating expenses.Adding this amount to your total startup expenses list, and you have a ballpark figure for your complete start-up costs.

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1, 2019, and includes a range of important changes, including expanding the scope of the fiduciary standard that requires CFP® professionals to act in the best interest of the client at all times when providing financial advice.While both types of cash flow reports are important business decision-making tools for businesses, only the cash flow projection needs to be in the business plan. The second part of the cash flow projection lists your cash disbursements.You should include cash flow projections for each month over one year in the financial section of your business plan. Take the various expense categories from your ledger and list the cash expenditures you actually expect to pay that month for each month.Financial planning integrates the financial planning process with the financial planning subject areas.” There are six steps to the financial planning process: No.CFP Board recognizes that the six steps are not unique to the financial planning process and may occur in connection with other activities such as brokerage, investment advisory and/or insurance products or services.Once your balance sheet is complete, write a brief analysis for each of the three financial statements.The analysis should be short with highlights rather than in-depth analysis.A business typically prepares a balance sheet once a year.Once again, this template is an example of the different categories of assets and liabilities that may apply to your business.This article will guide you in the preparation of each of these three financial statements.Before you begin, however, you must gather the financial data you will need including all of your expenses.

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