Flowers For Algernon Essay

The author may have tried to show how mankind is trying to improve everything in its life, but looses the most important, the happiness of our life (Bhattacharya 394-395).

As the result of the experiment, the main character feels even worse than from the beginning.

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It also gives insight into what Charlie is thinking, which is remarkably important in a story that is concerned with the mind. This way of narration keeps the reader closer to the character, and makes Charlie both more personalized and likeable character. The Flowers for Algernon starts with a very simple and grammatically incorrect text. After becoming a bit smarter Charlie can finally understand religion and politics and loves go to the library frequently, reading everything he can get his hands on.His only friend is a mouse called Algernon, who was the first target for this unique experiment. He scoops Algernon into his pocket and gets on a plane away from the laboratory (Keyes 79) The novel is written in a very unusual and specific first-person narration so that readers follow Charlie precisely, especially his progress and thoughts. When the main character, Charlie Gordon, increases his IQ from 68 to a level that makes him a genius (after received experimental brain surgery), his maturity leads him to fall in love with his teacher, and a sexual encounter ensues.This caused Flowers for Algernon to be banned and challenged in many places (Plant City, Florida- 1976, Emporium, Pennsylvania- 1977, Oberlin High School (Ohio) - 1983, among others).After a successful television adaptation, The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon, Keyes decided to extend “Flowers for Algernon” to the size of a full-length novel in 1966.The novel brings Daniel Keyes another highest honor in the world of science fiction – Nebula Award as a prize for the best novel of the year.Becoming intelligent is Charlie’s most important desire!He follows his dream and in order to become smarter he agrees for the life-making opportunity – the experimental operation makes him much smarter, almost a genius. Nemur, and recommended by his teacher, Miss Kinnian as Charlie was the most suitable volunteer for this experiment.

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