Food And Nutrition Thesis

The program is suitable for graduates of undergraduate degrees in nutritional sciences, exercise physiology, kinesiology, food science, biochemistry, medicine, or another closely related field. thesis degree have pursued successful careers in research, international health agencies, government agencies, and industry.

Students are required to complete 14 credits in advanced level coursework in nutrition and research methodology plus 31 credits related to their thesis research. The broad range of academic disciplines in the area of nutrition research makes for a dynamic setting to advance in nutritional knowledge.

Graduates may also continue on in education by enrolling in Ph D programs.

In addition, the MSc FN Thesis stream complements those already working in dietetic practice and wanting to advance their research and leadership skills.

We welcome you to view a student greeting from each MSc FN program stream at Meet a Student Please review the admission requirements for each program stream carefully to see if you are eligible to apply – Thesis Admissions & Internships Admissions .

Through the practical training placements, students will develop competencies in the following areas: Students of this program experience rich and dynamic practicum placements in settings such as Community Health Centres, Family Health Teams, Food Industry, Food Marketing Boards, Government and private institutions, Hospitals, Long-term Care Homes, Public Health Units.

It is expected that on weekdays when classes are not scheduled students will be available for dedicated research work and practicum preparation.

Option One: The Thesis Stream is for applicants who would like to pursue a masters level education. This program will not prepare the student to become a registered dietitian in Canada. Thesis Stream Are you looking to expand your leadership skills and research capabilities while achieving a Masters degree?

The Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition Thesis Stream program offers students the opportunity to strengthen their research skills through advanced course work and Thesis development under the guidance of a Faculty Supervisor.

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