For Euthanasia Essay Introduction Cornell Engineering Essay

Suffering may a part of the human condition and it can be argued to be useful in preventing us from self-destructive habits, physical dismemberment or physiological damage due to negligence of the body, etc.

However, does that justify that we ought to endure a pointless pain just because it must be part of life's experience?

I’m not sure that families of the terminally ill would agree with you there. This means that the patient, unless an absolute miracle happens, will die eventually regardless of how many interventions it takes to prolong his or her life expectancy.

In most cases euthanasia is carried out because the person asks to die, but there are cases where a person can't make such a request.working in the care system with people with dementia i have to say in many cases its cruel to keep them alive, we are kinder to our pets when so ill.This is an awful disease which takes any quality of life away, One lady i know has been bed ridden for 5 years unable to communicate , move her limbs or anything if the nazis had done this to people it would be a war crime.What would the product of our actions, time and energy be?Aren't these decisions philosophically what identify us as who we are even to the extent of a life or death situation?This is not about god or any other belief its about common sense.Everyone should have the right to say while they are still of good mind if they get this or another illness at a certain stage they have their life ended, What i see every day is slow often distressing painful deaths which is no more than cruelty,we really have to change the way we think Just because beds in hospitals are needed by others is no reason to allow a person to die!Some can be cared for at home, or in special hospices.If we stopped caring for the terminally ill at all where would we draw the line?It is not as if they are really ‘living’ during this time; they are merely waiting to die.They should have the right to avoid this kind of torturous existence and be allowed to die in a humane way. We take medical pills, we put up an umbrella to avoid having rain fall on us, we try to not live in a tribal manner like our ancestors where we deem ourselves to live a civilized life where we do not simply kill eachother and rape eachother because its the "natural conclusion" of our actions.

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