Fran Strictly Ballroom Essay

It allows us to have an insight into the characters and what their opinions are of their fellow actors roles in the film; which is very clever, not only having these interviews, but having them at the very beginning of the film, because it clearly lets the audience become aware of which characters are friends, enemies and who are strongly opinionated, as well as letting the audience know which will be the main characters, so they can become familiar with their personality and role within the movie.

The other unique aspect of production of the film, which led to its success, is the exaggeration of the stereotypes of the characters of the film.

This manipulation is shown in strictly ballroom where the director, Baz Lurhman's use of cinematography and the film's mis-en-scene create a certain meaning for the viewer. Strictly Ballroom is a film about being true to oneself and rebellion against the false and materialist world of Ballroom dancing. Throughout strictly ballroom', Baz Lurhman uses non-realistic, exaggerated techniques to shape and manipulate our understanding and interpretation. While in strictly ballroom, Lurhman use visual images to make and shape our understandings of the film. Strictly Ballroom is the near perfect representation of human nature, with the main theme being individuality versus conformity'. ' Strictly Ballroom' effectively creates image through the use of humour, by mocking features of the world of ballroom dancing. ' Strictly Ballroom' preached the value of self-belief, which is shown through the Spanish community, who dance with passion and deliberation, which is contraste... This can be seen in the movie "Strictly Ballroom" by Baz Lurhmann, through different characters portrayed in the movie. She is the exact opposite of Doug, loud, over acting, a typical Australian mother that likes to cheer for their kids on their sporting activity, in this case, ballroom dancing. The movie "Strictly Ballroom" is about the problems and struggles, which a young dance faces during his attempts to dance his own steps.Camera movement plays an important role in creating the ^feel^ of a movie.This is evident in ^Strictly Ballroom^, particularly in the dance sequences.Again, the camera is being used as a tool to enhance the steps the viewer is witnessing.A major theme of ^Strictly Ballroom^, is Scott^s desire to perform freestyle dance steps.At the beginning of the film, the editing is very sharp, as it quickly shoots from a musical scene with Scott dancing, to what appears to be a "one on one" interview with certain characters of the film.This allows the audience to interact and to become more familiar with the characters.Not only are the stereotypes exaggerated, but also the hair, make up and costume is also exaggerated, which give the audience a very clear understanding of the character and their personality.STRICTLY BALLROOM The 7.30am traffic report is finished by Mike Winter. As it is the 10th anniversary of Strictly ballroom, we have decided to bring in the great director and producer of Strictly ballroom, "Baz Luhrmann", to come and talk to us about his academy award wining film. The impact of the slow motion section in this scene is very strong.The dynamic camera movement in ^Strictly Ballroom^ emphasizes and enhances the dance routines of its main characters.In the first dance sequence of the movie, the camera movements are long flowing tracking and pan shots.

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