Francis Bacon'S Essay Of Marriage And Single Life Analysis The Shame Of The Nation Essay

In fact, the essays of Bacon have to be read slowly because of the compact and condensed thought.There are a number of lines, which are read like proverbs. In this essay Bacon says“ A lie faces God and shrinks pleasure.Indeed, the secu of Bacon’s strength lies in his conciseness.We ignored the unnecessary conceits and over crowded imagery of the Enthusiast; but he knew, how to high up his thought with well-placed figures and give to it an imaginative glow and charm when required. His prose style was eminently fitted for such dignified subjects as Truth, Atheism and Love and also such ordinary subjects as ‘Marriage and single life’ and gardening.’The adaptability to the subject matter was a characteristic quality of his writings.

Bacon set up a new method of prose writing, which was at once easy, simple, graceful, rhetorical, musical and condensed.

Bacon's genius as a phrase-maker appears to great advantage in the later essays.

In Of Boldness he wrote, "If the Hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill", which is the earliest known appearance of that proverb in print.

These sentences show that Bacon is a man of practical wisdom.2) This aphoristic style always depends on the device of balance and antithesis. Bacon says, Studies serve for ornament and for ability In the essay Of Studies he says “ Read not to contradict, nor to believe, but to weigh and consider.

He scrupulously presents the advantages and the disadvantages of a particular issue. Bacon says that an unmarried man is a good friend, good master and good servant, but he is unreliable as a good citizen.

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