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So hence I conclude by saying that to overcome the monotonous life and to live a healthy and beautiful life one should have true friends.And a friend is not true only when he is there in our hard time, but a friend who is always there by you, with you, around you whether good time, happy times, emotional times, unconditional support, difficult times and at all the stupid times in one’s life are true friends as well as friends for life.Since a friend plays very important role in one’s life be it in the good times of life or at the difficulties of life.Therefore a true friend is someone who is with you, by you at all the phases of life.

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A friend can make us feel most comfortable during shopping as we do not have to go for certain formalities, such as paying money or giving preferences which eases our life to an extent.

I firmly believe that true friend is a person who is there for you to share any moods of life.

Be it from making you comfortable to make you feel irritated.

Being emotional is the nature of human; therefore a friend is someone who is emotionally attached mutually.

Moreover talking about the phrase a “friend in need is a friend indeed” literally means a friend who helps in difficult times is a true friend.

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