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In Islam a goat or sheep is sacrificed to show the loyalty between man and God, in the text Hassan is being raped by Assef because he refused to give up the kite for Amir.The text tells us that Amir shuts his eyes and that all he could see was “the look of the lamb”.Hassan is Amir's most loyal and devoted servant, who is born with a cleft lip. The relationship between Amir and Hassan is complicated.He and Amir were nursed by the same woman and, unbeknownst to them both, they are half-brothers. One day Hassan is sexually assaulted by the village bully. But to sum it all up, they're half brothers of the same father but with different mothers. Not only is Hassan the servant of Amir and Baba, he is loyal to them as well.This changes their friendship forever, and even though Hassan isn't in most of the novel, he is still a big, important character throughout. Choose a novel in which the novelist makes use of symbols.In the book the kite is used to show the strength of the bond between Amir and Hassan.

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Amir and Sohrab are flying kites together in the park.

It also highlights the theme of guilt and redemption though, as Amir should really have intervened at this point and stopped Assef.

Instead, he shuts his eyes and ignores the event, a decision which will lead to him feeling guilty for the next twenty years.

Amir tells Sohrab he will run him a kite, and that he would do this “a thousand times over”.

This is a phrase Hassan once used with Amir, to show Amir the level of his devotion.

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