Futsal Business Plan

For example if you are a very well organised club and you are in a league with 11 badly run clubs you will never maximise the strengths of your organisation until the other clubs evolve.A good example is the significant progress that Spanish futsal has made in recent years and which is just starting to give successful results.Yet despite all this it still receives relatively little media coverage in the country.If we continue as we are, do nothing and go along in the same manner, inevitably, common sense tells us that this situation won’t change.People should be willing to share their expertise and information and not try to protect it.By co-operating they will gain the benefits from the growth of the sport that is being held back by these dysfunctional organisations.Though Spain is certainly not without its problems, one team was recently expelled from the Premier Division due to financial difficulties, it is surviving a severe economic crisis much better than many other sports there.If we preserve the short-term thinking and poor organisation the sport will continue on its current path of being crowded out by its competitors.

Federations and clubs that lack long term strategies and objectives, running their entities on a day to day basis without any vision or leadership.Of course we should also look at the few successful organisations that exist within our own sport.Generally people in futsal are quite open and this must continue.Federations just ensuring the competition runs and clubs that are only thinking about how to get the best players for the current season.Futsal is in a stage of development and growth and it is competing in an industry that is highly lucrative but also highly competitive.The phrase “sport is a business now” can be commonly heard.It has always been an industry like any other it is just that it is only recently that sporting organisations have begun to take a business minded approach to take advantage of the opportunities available. Its fundamental qualities suggest it should be receiving much more attention than it is currently.. It has characteristics similar to the world’s most popular sport, and it is arguably more exciting and enjoyable to watch.This is not just the case in the countries where futsal has only recently been introduced.In Spain it is the most practised sport, the national team has reached the final of the last 5 World Cups winning two and they have a professional league that features the world’s most successful club.

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