Future Directions For Choice Research In Nursing A Discussion Paper Seamus Lawless Thesis

Scholarship is guided by a multitude of innovative methods of inquiry that are informed through clinical practice with an aim of improving and transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.Practice scholars apply and integrate evidence to and from clinical practice and conduct quality improvement using methodologies to improve care processes.Addressing the complexities of contemporary practice, education, and research is typically interprofessional, involving scholars from many disciplines with a variety of terminal degrees (e.g., MD, Pharm D, and DPT).The complexity of health services requires that nurse scholars engage in a high level of teamwork that is multidisciplinary (knowledge stays within disciplinary boundaries), interdisciplinary (harmonization and synthesis between disciplines in a coordinated and coherent whole), and transdisciplinary (integrating sciences that transcend disciplinary boundaries; Choi& Pak, 2006).Incorporating the social determinants of health in research and practice is central to understanding the effect of health care and interventions on patient-centered outcomes (RWJF, 2016; IOM, 2014).

Furthermore, the scholarship of discovery results in new knowledge, refines or expands existing knowledge, and is translatable into practice.

In 2016, AACN released , a report that provides recommendations for enhancing nursing’s contributions to improving healthcare delivery and the health of the nation.

The report advanced a new definition for “academic nursing”: Encompassing the integration of practice, education, and research within baccalaureate and graduate schools of nursing.

Nursing’s broad understanding of theory based in multiple disciplines as well as its long history of collaboration allows for the interconnection of ideas to change practice and solve problems.

The practice scholar applies evidence to practice, incorporating implementation and translation science.

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