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1983; Waters et al., 2000; also see Sroufe et al., 1999.Thus, as mentioned earlier (see chapter 6 of this thesis), the link found between adult attachment and OC phenomena may partly reflect the influence of negative life events.Such a design could allow stronger conclusions about the relationship between sensitivity of self and intrusive thoughts and OC phenomena.It has been implied throughout this thesis that early attachment experiences result in particular internal representation of self and the world.

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Alternatively, parents may pay negative attention to the child and may even reject or punish the child when expected standards are not met in valued domains or when the child seeks access to parental attention in other domains (i.e., domains not valued by the parent).However, the conclusions from these studies are limited as there may be questions regarding the extent of generalisability to clinical participants.The last study aimed to replicate previous findings with clinical samples.However, the number of participants in this study limited the ability to utilize sophisticated statistical methodologies and thus examine the complex relationships between the constructs.Future research would benefit from the use of a larger sample of clinical participants.Alternatively, OC phenomena may increase the likelihood of developing negative adult attachment representations.Again, future research using longitudinal and experimental approaches may provide stronger evidence of causality between these constructs.The development of such a measure was beyond the scope of this thesis.However, an examination of the literature may give clues with regard to the parenting or other variables involved in the development of an individual's over-reliance on certain aspects of self (i.e., a self-concept comprising relatively few domains that are 'sensitive') coinciding with the belief that the world is controllable but threatening; such patterns of parenting could be specific to OCD, consistent with the specificity of self-structures to OCD.You will need to propose 4-5 suggestions for future studies and these can include the following: 1. These may relate to findings of your study that you did not anticipate. Your research will not be free from limitations and these may relate to formulation of research aim and objectives, application of data collection method, sample size, scope of discussions and analysis etc.Moreover, you may suggest future research to address unanswered aspects of your research problem. You can propose future research suggestions that address the limitations of your study. Constructing the same research in a new context, location and/or culture.

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