Genie Case Study Where Is She Now

A third child was rescued and cared for by his grandmother when he was three years old and is still alive. The task fell largely on Genies brother, who, following his fathers instructions, did not speak to Genie either.Genie, the fourth child, was denied such help, however, because shortly after she was born, her grandmother was hit by a truck and killed. He fed her hurriedly and in silence, mostly milk and baby foods. Her mother and brother spoke in low voices for fear of her father.Genie, as she was later dubbed to protect her privacy by the psycholinguists who tested her, could not stand erect.At the time, she was unable to speak: she could only whimper.Nor did they know how to evaluate whatever language she had: to what degree did it deviate from the standard pattern? Fromkin, a UCLA psycholinguist, to study Genies language abilities.

Since our morality doesnt allow us to conduct deprivation experiments with human beings, these unfortunate people are all we have to go on.

When Curtiss started working with Genie, she began by simply spending time with her or taking her to visit places, in order to establish a relationship.

She took Genie to the supermarket, where Genie walked around the store and examined the meats and the plastic containers with some curiosity.

Genie was 24 years old when this article was written in 1981.

Through years of rehabilitation and special training, she has been observed and repeatedly tested. She has been the subject of several journal articles and a book.

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