Geography Ed Gcse Coursework

For example Ed Excel Science coursework is worth 25% per subect (Chemistry, etc) and say you get a B in the coursework and an A* in the exam, you will probably still get an A* overall.

Some subjects, such as Graphics Products is mostly dependent on coursework as its worth a huge 60%!!!

When I did maths the 2 courseworks counted for 10% each..

Just goes to show, it's worth going into the exam with the coursework mark supporting you.Does it matter if I didn’t do any statistical tests You can't get into the higher grade boundaries without them, so make up some data and do a test.So say you've picked two areas you could do a rank/score type it depends on the marks not the grades, thats why its hard to predict without knowing your marks It depends on how much coursework is worth.In the more academic subjects like maths, coursework is only worth 20%, so if you do badly in it but well in the exams, it shouldn't affect your overall mark, and even if you do really well in it, you'd still need to do well in the exams to get a good grade overall.GCSE Maths (modular), 3 lots of exams and 2 modules coursework.If you get As and A*s on all the exams, but only got, say, Bs for the two coursework modules, how would the overall grade work out? Hi Freind , GCSE Coursework contributes a certain percentage to the final GCSE grade you are awareded for the subject.beach profiles if talking about coastal defences -do some form of statistical test eg.the student t test to test if the difference between two sets of data is statistically significant -write what your data shows (if anything, it doesn't have to show anything!Anyone, if I am wrong about the above coursework information, please advise so I can stand corrected.Regardz Bilz If you get an A* on your exam but a high B in your coursework, you might be lucky that you will still have an A*.

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