Geography Homework Help Ks3 Essay On Fast Food Advertising

Assessment overview ● The investigation report is internally assessed and externally moderated.● The student will produce a written report of 3000–4000 words.Each time I taught this topic I had to sit at the back of the room with a box of tissues as I always cry!Finally lesson 6 students play would you rather with a series of statements from the ‘Lessons from Africa’ resources before preparing for a class debate to answer the question…The booklet starts with a learning matrix outlining to the student the content to be covered.

Pupils are given the freedom to present their work in a wide variety of formats from role play to movie making and modelling, to posters and leaflets.

“Would you rather put your life at risk for something you believe in, or live in safety but without a voice?

” If you think the booklet and resource will be of any use to you, please feel free to download it by clicking the image below.

This is a collection of homework booklets designed for KS3 Geography students.

There are a range of topics included in this bundle.

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