Geography River Study Coursework

Financial assistance may be available to RSLC students to help with conference and workshop travel and expenses: please read the scholarship policy details before applying.

Windows software site licence: This interactive resource provides a balanced cross-curricular view of the issues that are of concern to us all, encourages thought about life style choices and suggests ways in which we can all do our bit to conserve the Earths energy resources.

Faculty members from these institutions collaborate with students to design and complete a personalized academic program that empowers them to address the real world challenges facing our nation’s rivers.

Each student’s program is vetted by industry professionals, practitioners, and academics from RMS and the partner institutions.

Perfect for whole class whiteboard teaching and as an individual study aid.

This resource is available as an installable Windows program and as part of the online Focus DT Resource Pack and the Focus Science Resource Pack. , Evidence of Climate Change, Energy Use, Types of Fuel, Renewable Energy, Non-Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Recycling, Water, Carbon Footprint, Interactive Quizzes and Activities.

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