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I believe that I would be a skillful lawyer because of my excellent communication abilities and a successful psychologist due to my insightful nature.(I attribute the precision of my insight to the author within me.) An undergraduate degree in Linguistics would provide me with a multi-faceted foundation, one that I would have the flexibility to use in many potential careers.A degree in Linguistics, however, would not limit me to one career pathway; this is perhaps why I am so drawn to this specific major.

How to Use the Database: Just search your desired school name or part of a prompt below, and find all the prompts for that college.As such, our prompt database below also contains a link to each school's Essay Breakdown.If a school doesn’t have an Essay Breakdown yet, sign up on the sidebar to get alerted when new posts for the schools you care about are live.This means we’ll let you know exactly what and when you should be focusing on things like extracurriculars, college essays, standardized tests, and more.Sign up now to get early access to our platform and get guidance applying to college! Georgetown College also boasts a number of new majors and minors, including Major in African American Studies, Major in Justice and Peace, Minor in Korean, Minor in Philosophy and Bioethics, Minor in Business Administration, and Minor in Education, Inquiry, and Justice.How do these thoughts relate to your chosen course of study?We’re building a free college guidance platform for high school students like you!I look forward to continuing my education at such an esteemed university, and I am confident that an educational foundation from Georgetown will pilot me to boundless places and opportunities, fulfilling my academic and intellectual goals as only a Hoya Saxa experience could.I wrote this essay in response to the Georgetown University essay question: "Please relate your interest in studying at Georgetown University to your goals.From a young age, I found the written word both intriguing and inescapable; I read to fill my time and wandered into the unknown worlds of my books, returning to reality often only for meals.As I grew older, all of the words that I collected in my mind began to pour out in the form of new ideas which I wrote down and cherished.

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