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Tattered means, a torn piece and the word outlaw means, exile; criminal, make or declare illegal.All the word choices combine emphasizes how Chesterton wanted the reader to fully understand that the donkey was an unpleasant creature.We see them as we read them: Shaw all crinkled, beaming rationality, Kipling beetle-browed, bespectacled imperial intensity.Chesterton embodied the hearty side of mysticism, cape thrown across his shoulders, broad-brimmed hat on his head and sword-stick at his side, a hungry Catholic Pantagruel in London.In the fourth line the reader knows the donkey is negative about himself because "I" is the animal describing himself.The donkey goes on to say that he is, "The devil's walking parody" (Line 7).Seeing himself as a creature of the devil instead of a wonderful animal created by God, is showing how distorted his self image is.

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The white light of wonder that shone on the whole business was not any sort of trick. “All my life I have loved frames and limits; and I will maintain that the largest wilderness looks larger seen through a window.

The second is not that small is beautiful but that the beautiful is always small, that we cannot have a clear picture in white light of abstractions, but only of a row of houses at a certain time of day, and that we go wrong when we extend our loyalties to things much larger than a puppet theatre.

(And this, in turn, is fine, because the puppet theatre contains the world.)This vision, not yet specifically religious, though determinedly antimaterialist, helped launch Chesterton into the world that he went out to conquer.

Chesterton is one of that company of writers whom we call Edwardian (though they stretch back to the last years of Victoria), a golden generation that emerged in the eighteen-nineties with personas seeming as fully formed as the silent comedians of the Mack Sennett studio, complete with style, costume, and gesture.

Writing in London at a time when hundreds of morning newspapers and as many magazines competed for copy, and where mass literacy had created a mass audience without yet entirely removing respect for intellect, they made themselves as much as they made their sentences.

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