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After all, I’ve never published a book in my own name (I helped ghostwrite a book for a celebrity entrepreneur that hit electronic shelves).

I’ve yet to write for a publication like We always want more.

I can thank my roommates for having the credit (and paying extra) for my three-bedroom apartment (did I mention we also had a loft? While I spent a lot of that time complaining about how much I was writing, I, realistically, only wrote for four to seven hours a day.

I also had freedom since I was working from home and was self-employed/an entrepreneur/didn’t have a real job/whatever you want to call it. Looking back now, they were filled with shades of security and happiness because I had an accepting friend group and writing paid for my bills.

It was stressful — I was one of those writers who complain about writing too much yet didn’t realize how lucky I was because I was a “working writer.”I had the pleasure of living in Marina del Rey during most of my MFA.

When you see a large photograph of her making her entrance onstage in this dress, you can almost imagine that it was chosen knowing what the stage colors and design were going to be.I find Charlize Theron’s hair and makeup wonderfully glamorous in the photo at left, while others may not.I feel certain that the intent was to create a glamorous photograph, but intending something to be perceived as glamorous does not insure we will all respond to it in that way.Posted by Randall Shinn on February 06, 2011 in Fashion, Appearance, Makeup, Glamour Defined my friend David Bernstein (a Bay Area engineer, not the Volokh Conspiracy blogger) has been passing on interesting glamour-related links and observations.I've finally persuaded him to join us with the occasional post. For more on this topic, check out this 1974 New York magazine article by Anne Hollander (and for a really creepy experience, keep scrolling to the one after it).During those days, I was writing four-plus articles a day (seven days a week) and also doing schoolwork at night, which consisted of short stories, reading, and workshop.I was making a living writing and also following my dream (writing books/fiction) via an MFA.It wasn’t the writing part that led me away from sports “journalism” — it was writing about bullshit topics and scrambling for clicks based on other people’s missteps and failures.So I packed my bags and booked my ticket to an MFA in creative writing destination.The effect of the dress in relationship to that stage design is stunning.In a situation when something strikes us as stunningly glamorous, the archaic meaning of as magic or enchantment still seems relevant.

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