Global Economy Essay

It is our belief that values-based leadership provides the key to converting these current challenges into future opportunities.The global economy will confront serious challenges in the months and years ahead, and looming in the background is a mountain of debt that makes markets nervous—and that thus increases the system's vulnerability to destabilizing shocks.No single global centralized authority exists but several interact.Given this, integrity in leadership is essential in developing a system of accountability, collaboration, and communication that emboldens shared sacrifice.While some seniors may not have understood the importance of such measures, Greece’s economic status in European markets necessitated this move by leaders.Greek officials had little choice in the matter and faced a grim future if they failed to comply.However, as economies begin to slow, governments must rebalance economic and social expansions.

Through understanding, adopting and committing to an ideology of shared sacrifice, we can do more for our future, with less than we have had in the past.

Though we may not have all the solutions, an emphasis on values-based leadership can create new opportunities for success.

Our generation is inheriting a set of unprecedented challenges.

Without this shift, the world our generation inherits will likely be marked by continued slow growth, heightened tensions, and a decrease in the human condition.

Citizens have grown accustomed to the increasing support of social services.

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