Goat Dairy Business Plan

Livestock production is one of the most important activities of agriculture in South Africa.

If you’d like to turn a profit raising superior livestock, then consider goat farming. Goats have played multiple roles in the support of mankind in the last 7000 years and is one of the oldest species of domesticated animals.

Goats are hardy animals and can survive under harsh environments.

They have survived centuries of periodic droughts and harsh temperatures.

It’s important that you get enough information before you delve into the farming business, to avoid mistakes and losses.

For writing a suitable goat farming business plan read the following criteria very carefully.

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With goat farming being a highly profitable business idea, it is just as necessary to make a proper goat farming business plan before starting a farm.

Whether you currently own farmland, or are looking to purchase, rent or lease acreage, starting a new farm business requires planning.

Visit our Starting a Farm in Ontario web page for more information.

Visit the Ontario Goat website to see all of the resources they have available.

Producing high quality milk is crucial to maintaining a high quality end product (e.g. On this page you will find resources that relate to maintaining milk quality, milk sampling and testing, and milking equipment maintenance.

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