Good Conclusion For Drunk Driving Essay

For example, California ranks the highest in the country for drunken driving offenses, and for the first offense of drinking and driving.The offender may receive 48 hours of jail time, depending on the circumstances.These groups believe just as I, that there needs to be a congruency among all states on tougher penalties such as imprisonment or permanent revocation of license on the first offense of driving under the influence.There are several states that have less harsh penalties for drunk driving, but yet they rank the highest for drunken driving offenses.The following are some ideas that you can use for your high school essays on this: In as much as this is a very specific essay in the sense that you are supposed to write a paper on drinking and driving, you must also remember that the rules and regulations of writing this essay still remain the same as has always been the case with other papers.You have to be very keen on the facts and provide evidence to support the same.

These groups represent victims of families that have lost a loved one in alcohol-related accidents, and is currently seeking legislature against tougher penalties for drunk drivers.

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The death penalty is a very complicated subject to deal with.

If we put it another way – every 45 minutes one person loses his or her life in alcohol-impacted car crash.

Isn’t this a strong motivation to take the issue more seriously?

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