Good Thesis Statement Lowering Drinking Age

However, if you have a complex topic you may need to have your thesis as a couple of sentences.

Although there are different kinds of theses for different kinds of papers (research papers vs. literary essays etc), they all follow the same general structure.

The thesis is the most important parts of you essay: it is how you tell your reader what you are arguing, and in turn why they should be reading what you’ve written.Allowing only adults of the age 25 or older to consume alcohol is a decision that could help prevent thousands of alcohol related fatalities every year.This is a controversial topic that is discussed and debated by many.He also uses a small amount of pathos to persuade his audience’s emotions.For example throughout the article Herman uses the Logos technique to persuade the audience logically increasing the drinking age will decrease the amount of youth drinking, therefore preventing deaths due to alcohol consumption .When a teaching assistant or professor is marking an essay, they are looking for a clearly-defined statement or series of statements that professes the point you are trying to make within your paper.If your essay doesn’t have a thesis (or lacks a clear thesis), you’ve basically wasted your time on your paper. You may think you need a definite thesis when you are writing, but that’s a myth.You can write a fine essay with a working thesis and then re-write it as your essay progresses.Similarly, in high school, you are often taught to write your thesis as one sentence.His organization helps identify his thesis and explains the principal reason behind his article.Also Herman uses great techniques of Ethos, Logos and Pathos to persuade the audience.

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