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The old age doctrine of opposites vividly posits that, one thing comes from its opposite.

For instance, something is cold because initially, it was hot but slowly cooled. So therefore, it is true that the hot comes from cold and the converse is true.

The two are inseparably wound or better yet, are like two sides of a coin.

Just like one cannot fathom darkness without first experiencing light, or appreciate day, without having night.

But then they know who it is and they kill him anyway--good versus evil again.

There, we are seeing that when there is no civilization, evil will eventually run wild and will kill the good. Finally, remember that Ralph only survives this book because civilization (the naval officer) saves him.

If you would like to contribute to our blog, write a guest post for us or share your testimonials, please email us at info [at] greenadviser dot org. The existence and the truth behind good and evil have dominated discourses in philosophy for centuries.

Renowned international scholars in theology, philosophy and related religious disciplines have held divergent views that have had a profound influence to the 21st century thought of good and evil.

Nevertheless, there seems to be no end (at least for now) to the often vigorous and heated dispute between the two warring parties of whether good can come out of evil or evil can come out of good.

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