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If there is a causal relationship between the signifier and the signified, then the image can be called indexical. One can add meaning to an image by showing it in combination with text.Similarly one can add meaning to a text by including an image.For example the drawing of an apple in Figure 2.1.1b is an icon for an apple orchard, as it literally resembles the thing that it signifies. Director Steven Spielberg is famous for showing the faces of characters as they look at dinosaurs, aliens or spaceships, before he shows his audience the dinosaur, alien or spaceship.Anton Chekhov once said “Never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off.” Although Chekhov was speaking about theatre, the same holds true for images. In an indexical relationship, the audience imagines what has happened or what will happen.Stressed, sick, and exhausted, I wiped away a tear and gritted my teeth in defiance.As the saying goes, ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ In other words, images communicate succinctly.

The whoosh-whoosh of the battery-powered breast pump attached to my hands-free nursing bra accompanied my typing. It had been 15 minutes and I had barely pumped 2 ounces of milk, less than a third of what I had hoped.

Adding words to an image can reduce the possible meanings of an image, or open it up to broader interpretation.

The HSBC advertisements of the early 2000s provide good examples of how the meaning of an image can change depending on the text (Figure 2.1.1a). (See ‘Language tools’ for an understanding of the term ‘anchor’.

This page provides you with a few basic tools for deconstructing images. Naturally the answer to this hypothetical question depends on the context that you are in.

A sign depicting an apple on a farm may point you to an orchard (Figure 2.1.1b).

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  1. Advances in Breast Thermography, New Perspectives in Breast Imaging, Arshad M. Available from: Siva Teja Kakileti, Geetha Manjunath, Himanshu Madhu and Hadonahalli Venkataramanappa Ramprakash (October 4th 2017).