Graduation Essay Maya Angelou Summary Great Expectations Essay Prompts

Summary The narrative focuses on Bailey in Chapter Twenty One and it is related how he makes a tent with a blanket for his Captain Marvel hideaway.Here, he initiates girls into the mysteries of sex and tells them he is going to play momma and poppa.They all had to file past the open coffin and for the first time the burial ceremony had meaning for her. Taylor and how he saw a baby angel and heard his wife say she wants some children.Eventually, Momma manages to encourage him to take in one of the Jenkins boys to help him on the farm.Maya sees that white children are encouraged to become scientists, philosophers and artists whereas African-American boys (the girls are not referred to) are encouraged to be sportsmen.She thinks Donleavy’s ‘dead words’ fall like bricks around the auditorium and too many settle in her belly.In Chapter Twenty Two, a storm is approaching and Maya thinks it is a perfect time to re-read . He has been having meals all over town since his wife, Florida, died in the summer.They were together for 40 years and Momma says it is a pity they did not have children.

Maya finds the idea of a ‘real’ ghost story intolerable and walks over to the window. Taylor’s funeral as she had to go on account of being left a brooch by her.

He says it is good to be there and to see that work is ‘going on just as it was in the other schools’.

He tells them about the improvements made at the Central School (which is for whites), and praises Maya’s school because the best basketball players at Fisk have come from there.

Chapter Twenty Three is concerned with graduation time and how excited the children become.

This is despite the Lafayette County Training School distinguishing itself from the white high school ‘by having neither lawn, nor hedges, nor tennis court, nor climbing ivy’.

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