Graphic Design Essay

This led me to believe that I was destined to become an artist.The comments that I received about my work encouraged me to pursue contemporary art design. I want to use the skills that I developed in small-scale architecture to become a graphic designer, and for this reason I know that the contemporary art program is of vital importance to my full qualification in this evolving field.But I was not interested in the aspirations that my parents wanted, and I became enthralled in graphic design, which has allowed me to place my physical art aspirations onto the computer.

In between lies a complex series of negotiations which lead, in turn, to a host of applications — the same logo engraved on an envelope one day, emblazoned on a truck the next — and therein lies the designer’s peculiar, if paradoxical challenge.My passion for creating new art designs continued into my high school years, where I would thrive in art class.The common feature in all of my designs, whether they were crafted during my childhood or when I was a small child, is the extreme flair.I decided to now focus more on graphic design and not as much on architecture because I am computer-oriented, and I know that this field is the way of the future.This is a career choice that I know will be long-lived, whether I will be working at a newspaper designing print ads, or working for an online marketing company, creating promotions that will appeal to people who are completing quick searches on their computers.I would love to include this type of original style in my graphic design pursuits.One of the most memorable comments I received from someone viewing my art was how it is comparable to Gaudi.” Get help here.] Fortunately, my focus as a child and teenager in creating small structures transfers well to being a graphic designer.Creating art can be expressed in many forms, and even though I have only been developing my graphic design skills over the last several years, I know that my lifelong experience in creating art will provide me with the type of insight that makes me an effective graphic designer.After high school, I completed my undergraduate study in the United States.My parents had said that it was important for me to focus on a career that would be more likely to produce a reliable income than art, so I enrolled in Marketing and Information Technology and achieved a bachelor’s degree.

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