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In most circumstances, the boy finds a way to become rich ? You will have a copy of this novel to read and use in class; as usual, we will use notebooks for class discussions and computers will not be essential.The previously mentioned situation is the stereotypical “rags-to-riches” situation.The person begins out poor, he/she becomes rich, he/she forget about his/her roots, and then reality sets in, usually in the form of some type of epiphany or revelation.In current times, it is evident that a writer will use characters that stick out from the norm in some way.They may have a stereotypical background, but the character’s story has some type of content that will set them apart from the rest.” With wealth comes confidence; adversely, with destituteness comes insecurity.

He is quickly threatened by the escaped man and immediately questioned about himself.As time progresses, Pip sticks with his expectation and Estella begins to come down from her natural high to earth.Dickens is showing the classical situation in which the poor boy goes for the rich girl. Dickens’s use of this cliched condition drives homes the point of having expectations greater than one’s self, and conveys the point of dreaming big to win big.However, if you click the image above, you will find the complete text of the novel online to read at any time.♠♣♥♦ Background Research Context is all-important in this unit.At one point, he is embarrassed to even think of the life he once came from, an obvious stereotype of being ashamed of one’s past.At one point, reality comes crashing back down all around him and he realizes the rich life is not what it is talked up to be.Some of these unique characteristics may be a superhuman ability such as telekinesis, a family problem such as drug addicts, or a social problem such as anxiety.These types of characters have been glorified time after time.As any poor person would, the riches are exploited.He begins to take hold of the reigns of the rich lifestyle, but it quickly turns the table and hold controls him.

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